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About Gerald

Creating something that touches, moves, entertains, and educates people is a power that comes with responsibility. I was infatuated with the arts: painting, drawing, music, movies, stories, computer programming, and so much more. The imagination of a child knows no bounds. Playing with a toy plane, a car, or a plastic figure, I created a story around it, and it was different every time. It kept me entertained. A toy without a story, is a toy without a purpose.

I was not the kid who was mechanical with engines, I was not into who could beat up who, and I never got the concept of hanging out with friends doing nothing. I was the kid that had to be writing a story, drawing a diagram or an amusement park, playing a musical instrument, or singing a song I wrote.

I created a world of imagination for people to watch, read, listen, and enjoy — but mostly for me. I considered myself a visionary, but throughout my life I never had the breaks, opportunities, or resources to achieve fortune. I was athletic, fast, and enjoyed the art of the game, but my athleticism was not of a high caliber to compete against the sport focused in football or baseball.

I am still that same little kid having fun with my imagination.

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Musician · Songwriter · Composer

My obsession with music began in 1968 when I was 3. My mom allowed me to play the drums — well pound on boxes, pots, and pans — I graduated to an actual drum kit at age 6, which I had to grow into as it was a little big for me. My parents had a piano in the living room and I tinkered with it playing melodies of music I heard. I even thought I came up with the 'H' chord, but found out at a later age that is was just G Suspended 5th added 9th. At the age of 10, I won an acoustical guitar from a music store and learned to play that and began writing songs. Well, lyrics to music may be considered a song, but these were stranger than some of the strangest music ever heard.

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The Grass Valley Davenports. Aria, Kyrie, Tamara, and Gerald in 2010.

Family Man

I am a proud father of two wonderful adults, and a husband since 1987 to a beautiful woman. Our life has had its ups and downs, but who's has not?

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Writer · Producer · Editor · Filmmaker

Everyone has a story; some are exciting; some are sad; others are not as noteworthy, yet a story nonetheless — my story has a little of each. Everyone is special and interesting in their own way. I am an observer of everything, I guess that is a partial reason why I pick things up so quickly is that I watch others do it and then try to improve on it. I watch and listen to people and use their traits for characters in my stories.

In 1977 Star Wars came out. The story, philosophy, and excitement encompassed everything I felt as a boy, everything I wanted to say, and everything I wanted to do. The imagery, the sound, and the story I absorbed into my soul. Like all boys, I wished I wrote it, and wanted to be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo — I wanted to be in that world, but I knew it was not real. I had written similar stories, I had fantastic adventures; and Star Wars reignited the fire, waking my past dreams that were started by the classic movies I saw as a child.

I have experience in all levels of film & video production. I am a proficient writer; I can handle both still and motion camera’s; light a scene for the camera; digitize, log, capture, edit, color-correct, and export video; start and finish a story in all mediums; record, write, and play music with real instruments; create exceptional graphic artwork — there is not much I do not know or cannot do, and if I do not know how, it will not take me long to learn how to do it.

I have a passion and desire for entertainment and education using visual and auditory mediums, and I work toward, search for, and yearn for the chance to be wholly immersed in the video and film entertainment world.

I am bored with predictability, so I try to challenge the audience, move them emotionally, educate them, and wake up their soul. It may not always work, but I focus on the story that is compelling, enduring, and unique. Without a story, you have no substance that will stand the test of time. I aspire to deliver quality and precision with everything I do. Everyone has a story. What is yours?

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Website Designer · Marketing Specialist

Web Design is a form of programming and creativity wrapped together; the layout and style is coded by hand to be creative, look nice, and be useful. I took up webdesign in the early years of the internet, not really knowing what it was or its potential. It is amazing to be able to have a place where the world can visit and get to know you and you can share yourself with them. Too bad this was not available to is back in 1970, I might be more afluent if it were having a place to share my stories, music, and such. We will never know.

I do not take short cuts, the easy way, or skimp on creating a website for someone. Too many people do and they ask for so much money it is ridiculous. I code by hand and do not use any plugins or lazy tools, as I call them, to manage or maintain websites, and my prices reflect what a website should only cost which is 4 times less then someone using wordpress that does a quarter of the work and call themselves professional webdesigners. I SCOFF AT THEM.

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Gerald Martin Davenport deep in thought on the set of Petite Chardonnay.


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A short list of creative works that are near and dear to Gerald. Either because of the story, the people, or both.

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The Choice movie.
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The movie Today.
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2015 - Brendan Brooks

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BUDDIES movie.
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2011 - Judith Plank

The National Exchange movie.
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2014 - Bruce Bradley - Robert Stuckey

Second Chance, Nevada County movie.
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Oberon's Gold movie.
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