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Gerald Martin Davenport is a Creative Professional in visual mediums: Video, Film, Web, Photographs, and Prints.
P.O. Box: 1983
Grass Valley, California
4435a62d @ opayq dot com
(818) 653-3881
DOB: 01/06/1965

Gerald Martin Davenport

Creative Professional

Editor · Filmmaker · Multimedia Specialist


Gerald Davenport · Editor · Filmmaker I have been interested and obsessed with anything related to entertainment since 1968.

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I have a strange and unusual philosophy about life, people, work, and entertainment, and I show it through my actions, projects, and my wisdom — most people unknowingly learn it and follow it through osmosis.  And although it may be complicated and complex in many aspects, the simple form, the root, the core essence is: "if you treat people and everything you do in your life — each second of every minute in every hour of every day — with respect, care, and humility and actually spend some time and THINK about what you are doing — or are thinking about doing, such as while driving, eating, watching tv, walking down the street, treating people, buying things and then throwing them away. If people were to actually contemplate the consequences and how it effects not only their future but the future of others — the world would be in so much better shape.

But I know for most people that kind of thinking is too simple for them, and a preposterous, and unheard of concept, but they are just closed minded, brainwashed, and worried about themselves and existence — we call them self centered, self-obsessed, self-serving, and thoughtless, little ignorant, uneducated, mud creatures.   IT HAS BEEN PROVEN: people that coexist together have much longer, fruitful, and prosperous lives.

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